Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Have you ever felt like you need a vacation after your vacation? We just got back Monday from an action packed San Diego adventure. I will attempt to give you the play by play so this may be a long post. I have been fortunate enough to have another child that HATES the car. Talon screams when I put him in his carseat so driving to San Diego with him was not an option. I quickly volunteered to fly with him as I am not so fond of driving in the car either. Jay packed up the boys and picked up his parents and they left early Wednesday morning for San Diego. I took Talon and we met up at the hotel on Wednesday evening. As I understand Grandma and Grandpa Knollmiller got an earful of "God Bless America" the whole drive there. We decided to get some good sleep before the next day. We woke up and headed off to Legoland. Here is Mason and Brock outside of our hotel preparing for the big day.
Here are some photos of the kids enjoying the rides and sites of Legoland. The weather was beautiful and best of all no crowds!

They gave Mason a little paper drivers license after this ride and Jay kept telling him he was going to have to drive us home. Mason was very concerned and kept saying, "Mom can drive!"
Brockie crashed into the wall and other cars at least a dozen times but loved it.

I was really proud of Brock for going on this ride as he is not the most fearless child.
Grandma Knollmiller even got in on the action.

Talon had a good time at Legoland too!
This picture is just too classic.
The next day we headed to the Natural History Museum and then to the Train Museum. The boys loved seeing the animals and hopefully learned a little something too.

Here is Grandpa Choo Choo as my kids call him, showing Mason the ropes. He so desperately wants one of his grandchildren to love trains like he does. There is still Talon:)

Okay so after a morning of museums, Grandma and Grandpa so kindly offered to take Talon so we could get in some beach time! Off to Mission Beach where Jay attempted to body surf. I could watch Jay all day at the beach - he is like a little kid playing in the ocean. Lucky for Jay, Mason seemed to enjoy the water as much as he did. Brock, not so much. He was content watching with Mommy.

My two little beach bums.
We wore them out for sure. Good thing the hotel beds were so comfy.
So here we are after a good nights sleep ready to hit SEA WORLD! Talon was such a trooper and only complained in the car. Sea World was the boys favorite - they still can't stop talking about Shamu! Mason insisted on sitting in the soak zone and was a little disappointed that they only got a little bit wet. Maybe next time Mase!

Believe it or not we aren't done yet. On Sunday we headed up to Escondido to see the Wildlife Zoo. It was a really awesome zoo but we weren't planning on how hot it would be. It was HOT! By the end, we were just walking from one park bench to the next to rest. Mason kept saying, "I can't take it anymore! I can't walk!" It would have been great had it been December. Good times.

So are we glad to be back home? Yes, it is always nice to be home (after the laundry is done and put away of course) and even though it is a million degrees outside it is home and it is nice. The boys had a fantastic time and hopefully Grandma and Grandpa Knollmiller did too. We are very fortunate to have such fabulous parents and Grandparents to our children so THANKS!!! If none of this makes sense, it is late and I am tired.