Tuesday, September 9, 2008


So it has been a few weeks since I have posted anything so here are the recent happenings in the Knollmiller home.  Soccer started last week and the boys had their first game on Saturday.  I did not make Mason's game but as I understand he was able to score a goal and according to his Dad (who is never biased)  he is the fastest kid ever.  He finally "gets it" this year and I think his parents will really enjoy watching him play.  Brock started his first year of soccer and after we got him over the wardrobe hurdles he did very well.  The most exciting part is that Jay is his coach and he tells everyone fifty times that his Daddy is his coach.  The least exciting part is that there are only two kids on his team right now (one of them being Brock) and so we don't know if Daddy will remain his coach as he might be added to another team.  We will just have to see.  I was proud of Brock for getting on the field and running around with all the other three year olds.  It is quite entertaining at this age.  Half of them are crying while the other half run aimlessly around the field.  But hey, you gotta start somewhere.

Another joy has been this little cutie pie Talon.  He is the most hyper baby I have ever encountered and very rarely stops moving.  I have enjoyed this one the most - probably because he is the third and I am much more relaxed and realize how quickly they grow!  It is kind of sad that he is almost a half a year!  Crazy how time flies.  Just thought I would post a few of our latest pictures.