Tuesday, August 18, 2009

KIndergarten Take 2!!

So I am sure most of you know Mason was lucky enough to have 2 First Days of Kindergarten. Mason started Kindergarten at Chandler Traditional Academy with Mrs. Thompson in all day school. It was QUITE the adjustment for both him and his Mother. There were many tears shed by both Mason and his Mom. I just wanted to stay all day with him and show him the ropes but after a week we got the call from Benjamin Franklin Charter saying that they had a spot for him. His Mom and Dad were torn as to what to do but we opted for Franklin as it was only half day and it was a bit closer to home with more friends in the neighborhood. So now Mason is happily attending Franklin with Ms. Arnold. He is loving school and also loving being home in the morning to play with his brother Brock. Mason is a very smart little five year old and thanks to an AWESOME preschool teacher (Ms. Tiffany) Kindergarten will be a breeze for him!