Thursday, August 14, 2008

First Day of Preschool

So here are the two boys getting ready for preschool.  This will be Mason's second year of preschool and Brockie's first year.  Brock got to drop Mason off at preschool all of last year so you can imagine how excited he was to find out that he got to get out of the car and go to school.  He was SO excited that he actually sat on the toilet and went poops AND if that weren't enough he let me put gel in his hair (that NEVER happens).  I dropped them off at Miss Tiffany's house and the boys were very excited to find that she had a bin full of plastic animals for them to play with.  When I picked them up Brock was very excited to show me the pictures that he painted and Mason told me that I was wrong and they DID have snacks at this preschool.  Brock has also been talking about a certain little girl named Lexi in his class that is so funny.  Tiffany - I think he may have a little crush on your daughter.  Anyways, it was a great start to Brock's many years of school.  He wanted to make sure that he could go back again.  YES!!  What I wouldn't do to have some time with just Talon.  

Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

So usually I see on peoples' blogs all the reasons why they love their family members on their birthdays but since I am the only blogger in this household I thought why not say why I love myself?  So here goes - 32 reasons why I am fabulous.

1 - I can paint my own toenails like nobody's business.  People will look at my toes and say, "oh your pedicure looks really good."  Nope, did it myself.

2 - I have good taste in men - Jay was a great pick.

3 - I love to clean.  I can turn on some good tunes and go to town on my toilets. (They usually need this due to all my boys bad aim)

4 - I can get really tan.

5 - I am awesome at popping zits. (if you don't believe me ask Wendi)

6 - I am not at all hairy.

7 - I am the treat lady - ask my neices and nephews.  Logan at one point wanted to live with me because of our stacked pantry.

8 - I have a fabulous sense of humor.  If you don't believe me read my blog:)

9 - I have a very pleasant phone voice.

10 - I am a good wife.  I make dinner at least once a week.

11 - I am a great daughter.  My Mom tells me everyday.

12 - I can sew a straight line.

13 - I am a fun mom.  My kids and I make up dances in the car.  We have to do something to pass all the time we spend in the car!

14 - I have a very keen sense of smell.  This has been a blessing and a curse.  Mostly a curse.

15 - I am a faithful exerciser. (It helps when someone pays you)

16 - I am fantastic at multitasking.  I can drive, talk on the phone, eat and yell at my kids all at the same time.

17 - I am obviously very efficient with my time.  This post is proof.

18 - I think I am a good mom.  No one has ever called CPS on me - yet.

19 - I am a good sister.  Not great, but good.

20 - I have a hearty appetite.  I can really chow down for a girl.

21 - I have a genuine concern for our economy.  I shop everyday.

22 - I am musical.  I of course could not dream to sing as well as my husband Jay but I can carry a tune.

23 - Did I mention I am funny?

24 - I am good with boys.  I figure I must be because God gave me 3 good ones.

25 - I got mad computer skills.

26 - I am really good at watching tv.  I can find something to watch even when there is nothing on.

27 - I am young at heart.  I could sit and watch Sponge Bob with my kids forever.  (that show is funny!)

28 - Mom - I promise I do more than watch tv - I also enjoy a good movie:-)

29 - I have nice feet.  In our family this is something special.

30 - My Mom says I have good style.  What she doesn't know is that I go to Buckle and buy the things the young sales girl tells me to.  

31 - I am a good at hitting the snooze button.  I can hit it up to 5 times before I actually get up!

32 - Are we there already?  32 years young.  I hope this next year is as good as this past one has been!  Thanks to all of you who made this day special for me!


Friday, August 8, 2008


So it has been awhile since I have posted anything so I thought I would just update what we have all been up to. It has been a good summer although I am ready for cooler temperatures and a little more structure in our lives. Jay is keeping busy with work as usual but the excitement in his life has tripled this summer as we said goodbye to the old tv. It has served us well but we are now entering the high definition world. So goodbye old friend...

and hello new friend! Jay researched and researched and decided that this was the best deal we could possibly get on a new tv so here it is just in time for the Olympics! (I have to admit I am pretty excited to watch gymnastics on it!) So Happy Birthday Jay oh and Merry Christmas and Happy every other holiday because this is it!

So what have I been up to this summer you ask? Well, besides my three crazy boys I have been working my tail off to lose my baby weight. I finally decided that the only way I could accomplish this was to eat healthy. Yuck. So Kim, no more QT donut runs for me (at least for this month). Funny story, Kim and I took the kids to McDonalds to play and I ordered a chicken wrap and yogurt parfait (probably not even that good for you) and Kim says, "so this is what we've come to eh?" Yes Kim, I am afraid so. It is working though, I have lost a couple of pounds and hope to lose a couple more this month. We shall see how good my willpower is.

The Boys - oh my crazy boys. This pretty much sums up Brockie right here - cool kid.

We have been spending a lot of time with our cousins trying to keep busy. So here are some pictures of the happenings. I love this picture of Brock and Taylor. I think they will love to hate each other.

It is so fun to watch Talon grow. He is very entertained by his brothers now and they can make him laugh which is very cute to watch. Here is the crazy thing - he just turned 4 months old and is almost crawling. It is the craziest thing ever. He gets up on his little feet and scoots all around. Just what this Mom needs - another crazy active little boy!

So here are my little goofballs - they are my biggest joy and my biggest challenge. One minute I want to squeeze their cute little faces and the next I want to strangle them! I guess that is how motherhood works. So it has been a fun summer but we are definitely looking forward to the fall - lots of fun stuff coming up. Halloween, a cruise, Disneyland and Christmas! It doesn't get better than that!