Monday, May 4, 2009

SO... where to begin??  I have been absent from the blogging world but decided tonight that I am feeling like "journaling" so here goes.  I am so glad to have last week behind me.  As most of you know I teach at a gym and about every three months or so we have a launch where we do the latest releases of all of our formats.  This time around I was launching four different programs and while I love all of them - it was a ton of work and consumed my week (I think it ended up being 12 classes or so but after about 8 who really cares?)  This is just one of the pictures from Bodypump where Lori and I went on a rock concert around the world.  It was a lot of fun.  Thanks Lori for helping me out!

There has been a lot going on besides the gym as well.  Jay was very excited this past weekend to take Mason and Brock on the Father and Sons campout.  They had a fabulous time with their Dad as usual, and I enjoyed a night with just Talon and me.  They said they saw a raccoon, squirrels and a dead horse although Jay was not so sure:)

Below is a picture of Easter.  The boys were able to go on many Easter egg hunts, including one at home, one at Grandma Janet's house and one at Aunt Lori's house.  You could say they are spoiled rotten!
I had to throw in this picture of Brock.  He is such a fun kid and always has me cracking up with his deep little voice.  Tonight he about broke my heart when he told me that he had no friends at the gym.  He is not quite as social as his older brother Mason but he is a heartbreaker.  He is doing well in preschool and loves to go see Miss Tiffany.  Their preschool teacher is awesome and they come home knowing all kinds of interesting things.
Okay - so I always made fun of those Moms that said they cried when their children went to kindergarten.  I CANNOT believe that Mason will be in kindergarten in the fall!  It makes me want to cry right now.  We are hoping that he will get into Franklin in the fall and take all of that knowledge from Miss Tiffany into school.  He is a very active child and keeps me laughing all day.  If only his teeth would come in!
And then there was Talon.  I can't believe my baby is ONE!  It just seems to go faster and faster with each one.  Talon is crazy and spastic.  That is the only way to describe him.  He is little and fast.  He looks way too small to do the things he does.   He reminds me a lot of Mason and is very headstrong.  Below is a picture of him at the boys' fieldtrip to the grocery store and he had to wear a hairnet.  You can tell he was really happy about that.  He is an easy kid though and has made the transition from two kids to three very easy on his Mommy.  Anwho - just a quick update and maybe I will feel like "journaling" again in another 6 months!


Tiffany said...

Love it!! Thanks for the props!! I LOVE your boys!! It has been so fun having them this year!! We just have to move you closer!! I'll be excited for your next semi-annual post!!

Mom said...

Cute post Nat ! Love the pictures - you have such a "happy family"...the boys always seem so content. I may surprise everyone soon and do a new post :0 If I would stop watching American Idol I could blog.

Melissa said...

I love it! Your boys are so dang handsome!! I need to go to the gym more so Remi and Brock can be FRIENDS!!!

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Picture of you and Lori - hot!

Anonymous said...

I am laughing at your post....I did not realize it until tonight!!!! Glad you had a picture before I gain 10 pounds - seriously. I remember wanting to puke that morning....oh the memories! Cute pictures of your boys!